Everything you thought Alaska would be you'll discover in Haines. Here you will find a sampling of Alaska's history, scenic beauty, arts and culture, wildlife and lifestyle. Located on the pristine shores of America's longest fjord, the Lynn Canal, glacier-covered mountains rising from the sea and numerous lakes and rivers teaming with fish and wildlife surround this town of 2,400 year-round residents. Thousands of majestic bald eagles gather every fall in the welcoming embrace of the nearby Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve.

If you'd like to find out more about Haines, or are interested in cruises that take you here, please call Margaret, our Alaska Destination Specialist at 586-596-9400.

Alaska's heritage comes alive in the artistry of the Tlingit Indians and in colorful performances by the Chilkat Dancers. The town's gold-rush history is on display in local museums, and keep an eye out for bald eagles - thousands of the magnificent birds flock here.




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